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CIV Driver Optimization was a huge boost to our micro program. Now that we have moved up to sprints, CIV's program has been perfect for tackling this huge learning curve!

Braydon Cromwell

2017 Jayhusker Winged & Nonwinged Champion

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I had 1 week between testing & racing the Nashville Fairgrounds ARCA race. I could not believe the amount of things we learned from the test using CIV Driver Optimization.

Ryan Repko
Ryan Repko

2018 Bobby Issac Memorial Winner

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I wouldn’t be able to be where I am at and run as good as I do without DriveRefine. I have been taught so much. I have worked on skills that I have been taught. I wouldn’t be the driver that I am today if it weren’t for DriveRefine.

Howie DiSavino III

ARCA Menards Series

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As a driver, when you find yourself operating inside a comfortable box, what you fail to recognize is the stall of your evolution as a winning competitor. CIV Driver Optimization was able to asses my program, lay a solid organizational foundation for our team, and specifically contour the process to me and my goals.

Brian Obiedzenski

2018 SNRP Track Champion

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The overall defining factor for myself after working with DriveRefine has been my confidence. They have so much racing experience across a huge spectrum that most racers alone could not gain in a career. So to have that knowledge base to lean on and work from just makes me a better racer. I am far more prepared and measured going to the racetrack, and knowing that also brings my confidence levels up on the track and in the shop. I am making decisions with intent and reason instead of searching for an answer.

Wyatt Alexander

Inaugural Granite State Pro Stock Series 150 Winner

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DriveRefine has been a blessing. Going through their process each week allows me to better collect and organize my thoughts and experiences. I can then take those experiences and use them to learn from and better prepare for the next week. I am much more confident when I can go into a race this much more prepared!

Christie Thomason

Non Wing Sprint Car

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