i-Refine Virtual Driver Optimization

The goal of these iRacing sessions is to help develop and standardize the feedback from the driver about the race vehicle in a number of different circumstances. Even though these circumstances are virtual, the end goal is the same. It is a new “vehicle” on a new track in a different “environment.” These sessions are meant to match as closely as possible to the intensity that drivers experience at the race track.

Custom Driver Optimization Programs

We provide a number of options to customize the driver optimization process for the driver. This program was designed for drivers racing at one or two different tracks throughout the year.

Sessions: 10 weeks, 1 x 90 minute session / week
Cost: $125 / session

Additional Sessions: Clients can add up to 1 extra session / week, or add multiple sessions after the initial 10 weeks.
Cost: $125 / session

iRacing Spotting/Crew Chiefing - billed by the hour, with limited availability due to time constraints.
Cost: $60 / hour


Get Started

Session Breakdown

An example breakdown of a 90 minute i-Refine Virtual Driver Optimization session follows below.

Briefing and Warmup
(15 min)

  • Software boot up, settings check
  • Track / vehicle selection, track briefing
  • Discuss goals for the session
  • Warmup laps and setup baseline

Track Time
(60 min)

  • Short or long runs based on preset goals
  • Driver and coach will take notes (shared and non-shared for comparison during debrief)
  • Single or lead follow runs
  • Exact adjustments will be made to driver's and coach's car
  • At least one break will be taken within the session to take down detailed notes that will be entered into the post session debrief
  • If struggling with a setup direction or with the track, we will have the opportunity to "reset" like we would at the track

(15 min)

  • Heavily note oriented and carried out similar to how it would work at the track
  • Short, detailed and accurate - not in an expanded form like a post race debrief
  • Recording this part of the session is highly recommended
  • Discussion of next session
  • Action items for between sessions