Advanced Driver Optimization

There is a serious gap not being addressed by spotters and typical driver coaching in our industry today. Over 50% of success on the track begins with proper preparation, planning, and follow-up post-race to document issues and find solutions. Paired with our Driver Optimization Process developed by NASCAR Driver’s Austin Theriault and Joey Coulter, we feel like this unique program will give our drivers an advantage over the rest of the competition.

Our Goals

What we want to accomplish with every driver. All of our programs include a focus on achieving these goals.

  • Help the development of the drivers "tuning scale"
  • Match the driver’s and the crew chief's "tuning scale" for more accurate changes
  • Help determine if an issue is cause or effect
  • Quickly resolve any communication discrepancies
  • Identify trends in driving styles, preferences, and possible handling or balance issues if they are reoccurring
  • Teach driver to log and store all information and feedback gathered during an event
  • Help the driver establish a starting point when returning to the same track
  • Assist driver in auditing their own audio communications to find discrepancies and trends
  • Learn how to “walk” the track before practice

Our Tools

What we use to help our drivers reach their goals. The local series / track optimization program includes these tools.

  • Fundamental Debrief Log
  • Analysis of race footage and/or in-car camera footage
  • Use video and audio information to supplement verbal feedback
  • Fundamentals Development- iRacing

Custom Driver Optimization Programs

We provide a number of options to customize the driver optimization process for the driver. Advanced Optimization Level 1 is our introductory program. Level 2 includes & builds on the fundamentals built in level 1.

Advanced Optimization

Post/Pre Race Process- Carried out during the week, in person, via phone and/or video conference. Levels are cumulative, meaning level Advanced level 2 includes all of level 1

Level 1 Cost: $400/month

Level 2 Cost: $800/month

Get Started
  • Race Prep + Debrief Sheet Analysis
  • Track Map + Video Prep
  • Improve Feedback + Communication
  • Development of the Drivers "Racing Vocabulary"
  • In-Car Video Critique (including driving line optimization, and race strategy)